Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Free flying at Canungra

Sunday dawned perfect - so a group of us decided to go off free flying.
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Beechmont was the destination, and we were soon in the air skimming underneath the clouds.... Unfortunately the clouds dissipated and I was on the ground in the Kerry Valley. Three other pilots laned near me on a very quiet country road and eventually we all got rides into Beaudesert... One of the features of Beaudesert is the "reverse-angle car parking"
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Monday dawned even better, and I headed off with six hang glider pilots to the Flying Fox launch. At 10:25 I was in the air and going up and on the start of a 42km tour of the Scenic Rim!
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I was joining up all the clouds and catching lift under each of them. eventually the clouds ran out and I landed on the main road south of Rathdowney.

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