Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day two in Bir

Flew east to the Camp 360, then back along the ridge. In several days time it is planned that we all fly to this place, land, then "camp" overnight. Tents and food will be awaiting us - so it's not exactly Vol Bivouac.

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Lucy near Camp 360

I landed at Galu village, only five km from launch, but a 20 km drive! The field where I landed immediately filled with children, and shortly after I had landed a taxi turned up! They must keep an eye on low flying paragliders and then swoop on them when they land! The taxi cost 400 rupees - about $12!

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View Larger Map The flight took two hours and 45 minutes - blue line

That evening there was a wedding celebration at the place where we are staying - and we were all invited. Traditional wedding celebrations in this part of India have separate parties for the bride and groom! The men all dance together all very unashamadely - it was lots of fun!

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