Friday, October 31, 2008

Flight to Dharamsala

Thursday I launched to fly to Dharamsala 42km to the NW. However I landed 7km short - almost landing in the middle of a military base! From the air the large green field with "H's" on it looked very appealing. As I flew over other paraglider pilots radioed me say that they had landed there and had been surrounded by 20 armed soldiers and interogated for two hours!! It is relatively close to both China and Pakistan here - so there are SOME sensitivities. (Flight path in orange in map below)

Video from early in my flight:

At one stage of my flight I was flying with Himalayan Griffon Vultures - magic!
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One of our group crash landed in trees high on a ridge top - this entailed a rescue with a very late night for everyone.... See map below in "Day Two" for crash location
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