Saturday, November 22, 2008


I flew into New York and found my way to Tama and Dale's place on the subway at 150 Mott St, Manhattan, NY 10013-5409 (or for an oblique bird's eye view....)

View of Empire State Building from Mott St outside Dale & Tama's apartment
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Then onto Jeannette and Matt's place in Raleigh, North Carolina - I originally met Jeannette as an exchange student at Massey University back in 1979... One Friday we went up to Triple Creek Ranch
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Jeannette's husband Matt is in a folk band: Back Porch Boys - on Friday night they got together at Matt and Jeannette's house for a practice session.

Jeannette's video of another song:

Saturday flew to Albany to catch up with Mike and Hollie at 334 County Route 59, Buskirk, NY 12028-1829
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On Monday visited Mass MOCA - an amazing museum of contemporary art. The primary exhibition was by Sol DeWitt - huge wall drawings.... (more on LeWitt)

Click on slideshow for a larger view....

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