Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sunday 16 November

Sunday – the three of us catch the ferry to the island of Zealand for a family gathering....
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The ferry crossing takes about two and a half hours, then it is another 90 minutes driving across Zealand to Charlottunlund (sp?) where Stine, my cousin, and Kevin, her husband, live. Elsebeth, my other aunt is there, along with Stine’s three boys. In due course Annette, my other cousin and her two sons arrive. I show them my photos and videos of paragliding in India. That evening a major feast is served…..
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Monday 17 November

In the afternoon I go to an art exhibition with Elsebeth – three Danish artists who have won a major award – a retrospective of their works is being held. We are both of the opinion that we are viewing the emperor’s new clothes….

We then return to Elsebeth’s apartment, and Pira, a cousin of my aunt is phoned up – she comes around immediately, and we spend a very pleasant afternoon chatting….

I then catch a train to Lyngby, and am met by my second cousin Merete and her parents. French Café takeaways are obtained, and we return to her house for a very pleasant evening. Vibeke arrives later for desert.
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Tuesday 18 November.

I go out to Birkerod to see Susanne and Uncle Hans for lunch – however, I get distracted and end up at the end of the line at Birkerod,,,,, A few text messages later and I am back on the train. Later that afternoon Susanne and I go to Louisiana – an art gallery set in a large park next to the sea. There are some wonderful exhibitions, but the main one, we both agree, we could have equally have easily daubed swathes of paint on large canvases!
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That night I catch up with Rikke, a Danish woman who spent a couple of years in Wellington studying algae, and Jonas, who had spent couple of weeks with us as a Wwoofer.
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Wednesday 19 November

The alarm goes off at 6am, as I need to be at the airport at 7am, for my flight to New York….. I transfer at Geneva, and the flight is delayed briefly as USA immigration requirements are fulfilled by transiting passengers. The in-flight movie I watch is “Affair de Familie” – an excellent French crime movie with several surprising twists…..

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